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Qeshm island

Qeshm island


Qeshm Island

When most people think about travel in Iran, they think of Shiraz and Isfahan. Therefore, there are two major islands in Iran, Kish and Qeshm


Naz Island:

Naz Island is situated coast of Qeshm. You can stroll on the soft sand full of colorful seashells and coral.

Hara forest:

Its just located behind Qeshm’s northern part. This forest is an 8.000 hectare biosphere reserve of mangroves or Hara as they are known locally .



People who live in this area, believe that a star once fell on this area thereby creating the rocky shapes that make it seem as if from another planet.

It is the result of years of erosion by heavy precipitation.

 Bandar laft

Bandar laft is situated on Qeshm next to hara forest.

Iran has a lot of places to visit and also a lot of islands to take a travel.

One of the most important places and island is qeshm and other big and small Islands.

When you go to that place, certainly you want to stay there at least one or two weeks.

You can take a ship to any other harbour or islands.

There are a lot of local and traditional shopping center and bazar for tourists to have a great and not forgettable travel. Although after have a long trip you would like to stay more.

Qeshm and kish island are the most famous Islands.


About the weather, its better to say that you will have great experience about humid and cool weather.

In summer you can see very hot and the most humidity degrees and also in autumn and winter, you can feel the best weather and temperature in a year.

Nowadays qeshm is the most suitable island for shpping as well and after qeshm, chabahar is second place for shopping in Iran, and all of the businessmen know about this great place for shopping.

Chabahar  has the area, its name is Dargahan, which all of a indian and Iranian businessmen would like to spend their money in there!

Get the best qualities and goods, is the most important benefits of these islands.






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