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behistun inscription

behistun inscription


Behistun Inscription:

The Behistun Inscription in old Persian is Bagastana the meaning is the god’s place or land.

The document most crucial in the deciphering of a previously lost script.


The text of the inscription is a statement by Darius I of Persia, written three times in three different scripts and languages: two languages side by side, old Persian and Elamite and Babylonian above them.

Depiction in history:

The first historical mention of the inscription is by the Greek Ctesias of Cnidus who noted its existence some time around 400 B.C.E

As we have already mentioned, in antiquity, Bagastana, which means place where the gods dwell. Was the name of a village and remarkable, isolated rock along the road that connected the capitals of Babylonia and media, Babylon and Ecbatana (modern hamadan) many travelers passed along this place, so it was the logical place for the Persian king Darius I the great to proclaim his military victories. He essentially copied an older relief at Sar-e- Pol- e- Zahab.




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