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Eram Garden

Eram Garden


Gorgeous Eram garden in shiraz.

Eram garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in shiraz, Fars province.

The historic Eram garden is one of the best attractions of shiraz with an old pavilion inside and one of the best examples of Persian gardens in shiraz near the khosk river.

The beautiful Eram garden was registered as UNESCO world heritage site in 2011 as the symbol of Persian gardens.

Its green and relaxing space can be attracting to any traveler.

This beautiful Persian garden is located on Eram street in shiraz and many of the best restaurants and cafes of this city are also placed on this street.

In 1965 Sir Denis Wright, a British ambassador in Iran, was invited by the chancellor of shiraz university, Asadollah Alam to a party in Eram garden for princess Alexandre of the Oglivy.

This park is one of the famous one in shiraz and the place which has a lots of tourists every seasons.

People who visit shiraz every year, must visit and spend their time in there which make people and tourists very satisfied about their trip.





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