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vakil bazaar

vakil bazaar


Vakil Bazaar, Shiraz is the main and biggest bazaar in shiraz and it is in the historical center of shiraz where every tourist go and visit there. There are lots of shops for every goods and stuffs. It’s the great place to buy souvenirs as well.

Just near the bazaar you can see vakil bath. At vakil bath, take a step back into 18th.

The entrance hall of the bath house is where the shoes and clothes were changed before entrance to the bathing area.

The historical bath house was not only famous for its uniqueness and diversity of people who would attend but also for its beautiful architecture featuring traditional Persian dome style ceilings.

Stepping through low arched hallways to enter other rooms, one can get a feel for the bathing process.

One of the last rooms features a place where the people wait their turns for massages, scrubs, and even getting their teeth pulled.

And on the other side you can see vakil mosque. It is located to the west of vakil bazaar next to its entrance.

This mosque was built between 1751 and 1773. During the zand period, however it was restored in the 19th century during the Qajar period.


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