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Ramsar is a city in the capital of Ramsar County, in Mazandaran province, Iran.

And also small thin coasted city in north of Iran, beside Caspian sea, which has the mountain neighboring it. The image of mountain and the sea have astonished many people.

The city was once one of the most favorable places for over thrown shah and his family in it’s time.

For going to this beautiful city, if you would like to go there by airplane, you can go to Ramsar by flight from Tehran, Noshahr and Rasht.

If you want to go by bus: you would just have to say that you want to go to north, buses are ready in entire Iran.

While you are in the southern cities of Iran, first go to Tehran then take Kandavan road or Haraz road.

There are many things to do in Ramsar and many places to go as well.

Below you can see some examples:

  1. Javaherdeh village: Javaherdeh a rural area of the country and around the city of Ramsar, Mazandaran is located in. history of creating monuments such as the Friday Mosque and the Tomb of Gabri ( years old who are scattered in the area) are.
  2. Ramsar Plaza complex including cable car, seashore, restaurant, shopping center, and etc.
  3. Ramsar Palace: The Ramsar palace is fantastic and very beautiful place, so if somebody travel to ramsar, he should visit there once at least. From entrance, you would better go straight way to the main palace. At the threshold, you should cover your shoes by some protective plastics, then enter to the main building. Guides are available inside the main building only. They explain everything and they answer your all questions.



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