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Maranjab Desert

Maranjab Desert


Maranjab desert

Located close to the city of Kashan, Maranjab desert is one of the most famous and beautiful deserts in Iran.

Deserts are famous in Iran, not because of their scenery, but also It’s because of their ancient history. There are few reasons for tourists to visit Maranjab Desert.

First, Maranjab Desert offers very convenient desert tours in terms of distance. And second is that there is very interesting historic sight in the middle of this desert.

Maranjab’s location:

When the tourists start their trip, the distance of it is very important.

Deserts tours are far from luxury tours. There is the bumpy road and the wind that feels like a hairdryer blowing constantly in to your face.

From the main city near to Maranjab desert ( Aran va Bidgol) which is itself very close to kashan, it will take you only one hour to get to the Maranjab desert.

Maranjab Desert

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