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Masouleh (often called Masuleh) is a one thousand-year-old village and one of the most beautiful places in Iran. It is located in the mountains in northern Iran and it has a population of 1,500 inhabitants. In the morning and evening hours the village gets surrounded by a thick mist which practically hides all the houses. Houses are painted in a yellow-brownish color. The village is built on a hill so steep that the roof of one house is the pathway for the next. You can actually climb on any roof of any house and take the best picture with the best perspective. Nobody tells you anything

Only a small bunch of tourists decide to spare a couple of days in this village. Why? Basically, because it’s a bit far and it’s not in the Ancient Persian touristic route. On the contrary, this is a popular holiday spot among local Iranians who come to spend their weekend in order to disconnect from the city noise. Souvenir shops are everywhere, which makes you feel to be in a touristic destination, but if your objective is to meet Iranians then you are in the right place.

Iranians say that Masouleh is the most beautiful village in Iran and it truly is indeed! The location, the color of the houses and how they are built is unique. To be honest, there’s not much to do in the village other than to relax, walk around, enter souvenir shops, smoke shisha, eat or hang out with the locals. It’s OK for one or two days. However, if you decide to make your way to this village, you definitely need to go hiking because this province is home to some the most gorgeous mountains in the country.


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